Simonic, born Simon Hartmann in the 80's, emerged from a musically rich background, shaped by his piano teacher father and music teacher mother. His early connection with music took root at five when his fingers danced on his father's grand piano. Enrolling in a music school at six, Simonic explored classical piano before being captivated by electronic beats and iconic artists like Armin van Buuren. Transitioning to EDM, he contributed as a producer and keyboard player to the German band "Was Wäre Wenn," gracing stages like "The Dome" and enchanting audiences in Russia. 

In 2015, Simon co-founded "Simon & Phil," a dynamic project that transcended borders, resonating in Germany, Austria, Croatia, and Oman. Their tracks gained recognition from renowned artists like Nicky Romero and Blasterjaxx, earning spins on radio shows and festivals. In 2024, Simonic embraced a solo journey, fusing classical elegance and electronic fervor. His compositions, guided by enchanting piano notes, embody a synthesis of tradition and modernity, promising a transcendent musical experience that defies boundaries and genres.


WHATSAPP: +49 176 821 656 52


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